Three Unwise Men

Yet another bawbag is frothing at the mouth.

This latest cretinous oaf, a Russian actor of whom this reporter at least has never heard, says he would "stuff queers into an oven and burn them alive."


Not exactly an original thought, but that he is capable of any thought, clearly being way down on the evolutionary scale, is something I suppose.


I am a tolerant woman, I meditate, I try to see the best in all people and I am trying so hard to find something, anything, redeeming about this man.

Nope, I got nothing.


What is it about two men in a loving relationship that men like this are so terrified of?

Well, jealousy for one, as anyone who can come out with a statement like this you can bet your bottom dollar does not have and never has had love from another human.

Couple that with scant education and fear of the unknown and there I guess you have it.


They are fine with two women fucking so long as they can join in, but not their woman, oh no.

She is his property, shackled to his kitchen.


It puzzles me how these he-men want to hang around women at all.

50 Cent Tweeted "If you a man and your over 25 and you don't eat pussy just kill yourself damn it. Lol.”

Clearly not the best educated of men.

That ‘lol’ at the end sounds a nervous laugh, as if he's trotting out a well practiced hetero line he really has no faith in whatsoever.


Mister Cent, you hate ‘pussy’.

You're a violent misogynist.

Surely for you hanging out with women is faggy.

I don't understand why you wouldn't embrace hunk on hunk love.

What could be more macho than that?


I can see how you and our Russian toss pot would be great together.

Imagine it, hitting metal with hammers, necking bourbon, hoovering up lines of coke, wrestling naked in front of a log fire, then, coated in musty man sweat, fucking each other for Jesus till the early hours.


It’s weird that you have so much hate yet call yourselves men of God.

What God?

I guess it's the almighty Old Testament God, the fire and brimstone one, the it's Yahweh or the highway God.


The kind of men you hate so vociferously is exactly the kind of man Jesus would have been.

A peaceful, awake, aware, gay man.


Oh come on, of course Jesus was gay!

FYI, that does not mean he fucked sheep.


Why is it you guys when talking about homosexuality go immediately to bestiality?

The bearded beast from Duck Dynasty is the latest case in point.

For him sin “Morphs out from homosexuality to bestiality, then to sleeping around with this woman and that woman.”

Yes, women are less than than dogs in this world view.


Actually I had no idea who or what Duck Dynasty was so googled it.

Seems he invented a device which enables humans to enact a holocaust on a species.

What an ass.


Another thing I cannot understand with you guys is your obsession with buggery.

You hate the idea of sticking your cock in a man’s anus but almost pathologically cannot wait to ram it up a woman’s.

News flash, not all gay men have penetrative sex.

Get the fuck out!

I know, it’s true, bet that blows your minds.


It is so easy to trot out the most idiotic nonsense as fact if you have never really got your brain in gear.

If it caused no harm it would just not be good enough, not where we are well into the 21st century, with all that human history to learn from.

Oh but it does cause harm, harm to those it is directly aimed at, and harm to the rest of us who have psychically to take it on board.


See, you rain this bilge down on us and we have to cleanse cleanse cleanse, scrub away, hose down the dirt, and atone for all your ignorant blather.

It is a heavy psychological burden.

It is unconscionable.


Knowing you have such paucity of thought I guess you imagine you speak for us all when you spout such tosh.

Well, you don't.

There will be a few lobotomised thugs that might try to canonise you, and really you are welcome to each other.


I’m sure by now you’ll be opining that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

No sirs, they are not, not if that opinion incites violence, is a hate crime, which pretty much everything that oozes out of your mealy mouths is.


You are an anachronism, anathema.

We are evolving and you’re stuck, flailing in the primordial soup.


At some point in our lives we must take time to stop learning and start thinking.

We must question everything we have been taught in our own unique way, and through critical examination based on all the research we can muster come to conclusions.

This is the way to enlightenment, to cast off our primitive beliefs, understand all we know, and advance.

This however requires there to have been some learning in the first place, and I am absolutely naming names.


Everything we know is a process of elimination arriving at the least wrong of all the options, and we must strive to get to the next level of least wrong.

That is our path, that is how we survive as a species.

Staying stuck at the most wrong level is not big, not clever, and really no-one is laughing.

If you three unwise men have read this I expect you'll be frothing at the mouth once more.

If on the other hand you manage to read a book, see a little lightbulb go off over your head, or have an epiphany and come to terms with your own latent homosexuality, then we’ll welcome you.



What you each need is a hug, love and guidance.

Until you realise that and drag yourself out of the mire, then please, for the love of humanity, shut the fuck up.