Made It Home

I was born in the wrong body

Nineteen fifty nine

Lived in a house with all the wrong people

T.Rex my lifeline

I'd go to sleep and wish that I’d wake up

One day in July in two thousand nine

I did it

I went to see a miracle worker

West eighteen and nine

Planted the seed to my future

Gave me the pills to cure my ills

Set me free to burn brightly

Look in my eyes there ain’t no disguise

Dig it

Well well well well well

I made it home




When Spring Is In Your Eyes

When spring is in your eyes

It’s time to get acquainted

With everything you’ve been denying

Put on your party dress

Come dancing with me tonight

Kiss that man goodbye

Go out and see the rainbow

Don’t pray for an unhappy ending

Put on your party dress

Come dancing with me tonight

Beg steal or borrow

A brighter tomorrow

Be done with that uncertainty

He’s just a chancer

We’ve got the answer

To guarantee cohabitibility

Fairy tales come true

I’ve seen it in the movies

Slip into those ruby red shoes

Put on your party dress

Come dancing with me tonight

When spring is in your eyes darling

Come dancing with me tonight



My mother is adrift in incest far and wide

My father is a violent bane

Please get me outta here before I lose my mind

Dear Jane

My teachers all ignore my tears and pass me by

My world is full of thugs and pain

The only option left to me seems suicide

Please help me in my agony

Dear Jane

Esther Rantzen tells me to call Childline

I’m worried that it might be traced

They’ll beat me and they’ll beat me till the lights go out

Dear Jane

I tried Samaritans only the other day

Their line was constantly engaged

I hope you get my letter ‘cause I’m bound to die

Please help me in my agony

Dear Jane




My Little Kleptomaniac

My little kleptomaniac

Said she’s gonna start to give things back

Gave her many pieces of my mind

Says she can’t find them anywhere

Swears she’s gonna give me back my heart

Less she really couldn’t care they say

My little kleptomaniac

Stole my heart away

My little petty larcenist

Said she’s gonna steal away a kiss

Though she’s got one on a photograph

Needs another for the video

The one she stole while I was in the bath

Later found contained the film we made

My little petty larcenist

Stole my kiss away

Stuck up a gum tree

Fell in a heap

Stolen away from the factory floor

Boys in blue came and called the police

They’re all trying to implicate me

I just wanna be free



Like Me


I feel like throwing an ashtray through the TV screen

But I

I’m still owing some cash

Say what do you have to do to be worry free

Maybe I’ll just kill somebody


I feel like I’m in control of my own destiny

But I

I’m just kidding myself

Say what do you have to do to be worry free

Maybe I’ll just kill somebody
Like me





In the back of mind

Only destined to be

Pressed into memory

Two hundred yards

A million miles away
Pushed to the fore

But you always were

Otherwise engaged

Yesterday and today

Are a lifetime away

My heart is screaming

The angels aren’t here

My carpet’s bleeding

i’m feeding on needing

And you can

But you can’t

Can’t hear

This story of giants

This no non event

Each precious moment

Is valuable

I love you



Action Right Here Right Now





Safe now

They’ve washed away their sin

Night time

Out of



A monster

The enemy within

Preacher man

Oh preacher man

Make an escape

As fast as you can

Invent for me

A way to be free

So I can do my worst

And emerge soul clean

Suffer little children while they do you harm

We’ll be waiting for you when the daylight comes

In the Magic Kingdom secret shields come down

We need action right here right now






You’re A Woman Now


Sit down

Catch your breath a while

You’ve been running such a long time

Unpack your sunshine smile

Drugs and drinking

Done and done

Took a Jumbo back to London

Now life its just begun


Mister man you’re a woman now  


The older you get

The faster time flies

So have no regret

Open up your eyes

Come out of the cold

Step into the light

Lift up your heart

Don’t say goodbye





All lyrics by Julia Brightly