I was born in London England way back before the war.

Food was scarce, flattened houses remained bomb sites, kids had rickets.

The government was an abominable patriarchy.

Women were terrified. 

Families in slums aspired to life on the penal colonies, or housing estates as they were known, the projects.

There were no bathrooms, ablutions would take place in a communal outdoor puddle. 

There were no telephones, people would each have a paper cup joined by a piece of string.


Eventually though prosperity loomed and everybody herded on to flying cattle trucks to spend two weeks in Torremolinos, where they would troll the streets looking for dripping on toast and a Double Diamond, which they swore worked wonders. 

There were two TV stations back then, the BBC, and another for the proles.

Ah the cavalcade of entertainment - The Black and White Minstrel Show, Love Thy Neighbor, Mind Your Language, a rich mix of unbridled racism and misogyny.

And then came The Troubles, or mass culling of the civilian population by armed forces, as it's rightly known.

The voices of Sinn Fein, the political wing of one of the confederation of dunces, were spoken by actors.

The rest got away with murder.

There was also Margaret Thatcher, a barmy lady who did no good at all.


In my twenties I shouted a lot, sometimes coherently.

Occasionally I would do this from a stage to two sometimes three people and a dog.

It kept me off the streets. 


For the next twenty years I toured the world many times over with my ever growing loving family.


In 2002 I moved to New York City and lived there for 10 years before moving to LA.

Now I'm back in London and it's quite a surprise!

I think I might finally like it.

In 2009 I came out as transgender and transitioned to the woman you see before you today, singer, storyteller, writer, musician, painter, illustrator, broadcaster, producer, feminist lesbian.

I fill in time by mixing sound for M83, Mogwai, Caribou, Slint, Fuck Buttons, and The Knife, and making radio documentaries.

There's plenty to see, hear, read, and download here all for free.