Superfowl Sunday

I had no idea the Superbowl was happening until the day after.

Though I watched the extraordinary Beyonce footage that morning, the thing that struck me most of all was a report on NPR, that on that Sunday in this country 300 million gallons of beer were drunk, and, get this, half a billion chicken wings were eaten.

Half a billion!

Now, I fully expected this report to go into the moral and ethical repercussions of this slaughter of a quarter of a billion chickens, but no. Instead it went on to examine the different ways these limbs could be cooked.



I heard the other day that there has been a 'worrying increase in the number of shark attacks' worldwide. Further research proved this to be absolutely true. Last year we humans killed 70 million sharks.

70 million!

How many sharks attacked and killed humans? 12.