The black cloud hung like a pallid shroud over London town as the rickety American Airlines jet that had borne me from the City of Angels slid into the murk.

A cold, wet, gray mid summers day.


I arrived at my friend’s house sad and lagged from the redeye, suitcase and guitar in hand, having abandoned my home in a hurry.

She ushered me up the stairs and plied me with tea and toast before leaving for the weekend.

That day I slept for 16 hours.


Yesterday i went to the local doctor’s surgery to register.

They welcomed me with open arms and gave me an appointment for 10 days time at which I will get a physical and blood work done, then a chat with the doctor to be referred to the transgender clinic, then on to get SRS, and all for.... free!


Today other friends rallied round with offers of cash and work.

The sun has yet to come out but it's a lovely day.