Pet Noire

So she's gone, the Iron Lady, the milk snatcher, the first British woman Prime Minsiter.

When she came to power in 1979 I'd just turned 20, and she stayed there till I'd just turned 31!

That is an extraordinary achievement.


In the early 70's her first memorable act as then Health Secretary in Ted Heath's government was to scrap free school milk for children over the age of 7, as part of wide ranging public spending cuts to fund promised tax breaks, and the 'milk snatcher' monica stayed with her throughout her long and appalling career.

Meryl Streep in the opening of the Iron Lady, portraying her in senility bemoaning the price of milk in her local grocery store is apposite.


What she was not was a feminist, a humanitarian, a seeker for truth and justice, a member of society.

For her there was no such thing as society.

What she was was a warmonger with blood on her hands, a destroyer of communities, a heartless and cruel barking mad piece of work.

I'm sure she had feelings in there somewhere, but the destruction and despair she wrought by far outways any consideration for such by so many.

It is undoubtedly difficult for anyone with even an ounce of compassion to feel good about people gathering in Glasgow or Brixton to chant 'Maggie Maggie Maggie, dead dead dead', but that they are is a testament to her legacy.

She was our pet noire (sic)

While it is true that her policies are alive and well in the hands of the current crop of power crazed lunatics that call themselves left, or liberal, such as the Millibands, and Barack Obama over here, I truly believe that she will be only a footnote in history, as we as a species grow up and move on.

I'm not particularly glad she's dead, not like I am as regards say Jimmy Savile.

Her reign, spanning my entire twenties, was appalling, but it made me and many of my generation a socialist, and spurred me into creating art so visceral that today it shocks me.


She's gone, so please let's all stop the hatred that exploded all over Facebook and Twitter yesterday.

We are bigger and better than that.

Love in pieces.